Welcome to IPE's Centre for Corporate Governance
The Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) was set up during 2009 to promote understanding and appreciation of corporate governance-related issues, which are now essential for all managers as Corporate Governance (CG) is central to corporate leadership and strategic decisions, social responsibility and regulatory compliances in a market-driven global economy. The Board of Trustees (BoT) of National Foundation for Corporate Governance has granted Adhoc Accreditation status to CCG, Institute of Public Enterprises, Hyderabad for the year 2009-10.

ONGC Chair on Corporate Governance
ONGC has been in the vanguard of CG in PE in India. ONGC emphasized more than once that good Corporate Governance ensures a healthy functioning of an enterprise. This we can say that good CG is an edifice for the successful functioning of any industry in India. Late Shri Subir Raha, former CMD, championed the casue of good corporate governance in India. It will be in the fitness of things to set up a Chair in his name to research on Corporate Governance and provide policy inputs to industry, government and executives. The proposed Chair will undertake the activates:
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